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Psychophysiology of Emotion in Adulthood, Aging, and Neurological Disorders

This research focuses on understanding psychological and physiological components of emotion and emotion regulation. Variables of interest include emotion experience self-report, electromyographic recording of facial muscle activity, startle reflex modulation, skin conductance response, heart-rate and heart-rate variability.


Effects of Awareness and Mental Control Strategies on Learning and Memory

This research investigates the effects of emotion regulation and attention control strategies on memory.


Emotion Regulation and the Cultivation of Compassion in Long-Term Meditators

These studies investigate emotion response, emotion regulation, empathy, and compassion in long-term meditation practitioners (primarily Zen and Vipassana).


Attention and Emotion Effects of Brief Meditation Training

This research investigates attention, emotion, and physiological changes following brief (typically 8-weeks) meditation training. Current studies focus on the evaluation of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training for spouse caregivers of persons with neurological disease, and on the effects of meditation training on performance and emotional experience in complex multitasking work environments.


Neuropsychology of Metamemory

These studies examine the neural correlates of metamemory (self-awareness and knowledge of one's own memory functioning), utilizing neuropsychological methods (particularly involving persons with Alzheimer's disease or focal frontal brain damage), and functional magnetic resonance imaging.


Neuropsychology of Aging and Alzheimer's Disease

This research focuses on understanding the neural correlates (utilizing neuropsychological and neuroimaging methods) of memory and other cognitive changes in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease. Current studies focus on predictors (cognitive and metabolic) of dementia in healthy middle-aged and older adults, of varying ethnicities, studied longitudinally; and on the contribution of frontal brain systems to memory errors in normal aging.


Evaluation of Educational Material on Alzheimer's Disease

Present studies focus on learning and retention of practical information on Alzheimer's disease presented in English and Spanish versions of educational booklets, through the Education Core of our Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Center.


Self-regulatory capacity and Mindfulness Meditation

This research focuses on understanding whether the cultivation of mindfulness through meditation will lead to greater self-regulatory capacity.





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